Non-Resident Landlords


Tax Implications for Non-Resident Landlords.


Rental income is liable to UK income tax. If the landlord is resident overseas, Courtenay are liable to pay tax on his behalf, as his agents, unless the landlord has made a successful application for a certificate permitting his rent to be paid without any income tax deduction. In the former situation, Courtenay will retain tax at the appropriate rate from all rent collected by us, and place it on deposit with their bankers, until the liability or the waiving of it is paid and/or established. Courtenay will apply the retained monies in such payment. Please be aware that Courtenay do not offer tax advice and the landlord is recommended to seek such professional advice from either their solicitors or accountants. In the event that Courtenay are required to make any payment on behalf of a landlord to the Inland Revenue not covered by any such retention, such payment will be immediately reimbursed to Courtenay by the landlord, together with interest as applicable.

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